"Hey Daddy-O, y'wanna go somewhere with me?"

Lonnie Burton
Nickname Lucky
Karma Renegade of the Wastes
Age 19
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Class Raider
Profession Member of The Kings
Affiliation The Kings
Face Claim Brian Setzer
Player LJ

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Lonnie was born and raised in Freeside - his father left a few years after he was born, and his mother, while mostly well-meaning, spent a lot of time under the influence of Jet. Lonnie didn’t mind - he didn’t know any different. Most of his childhood was spent wandering the streets of Freeside with other kids, and it was there he first learned to fight.

He joined the Kings at a young age after running into the King himself one day and asking the man about his somewhat unusual canine companion. The King was like the father figure he never had - he wasn’t any closer to him than anyone else in the gang was, but just being there was kinda - just kinda - like having a real family, albeit a strange, violent one. 

He obtained the nickname ‘Lucky’ after a fistfight turned into a gunfight and he narrowly escaped a couple of bullets to the skull before he brought his opponents down. These days he’s not particularly lucky, but the nickname stuck - mostly his friends use it to tease him.

He still lives in Freeside with the Kings, fighting off thugs and listening to Elvis by day, sneaking around and turning tricks by night. 

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Personality Edit

Lonnie’s like a lot of guys he knows in Freeside - hot-headed, violent, and not exactly brainy. He’s always been scrappy, and often doesn’t have the smarts to keep his mouth shut when he should. Still, he means well. To his family - meaning the Kings - he’s completely loyal, and he’d never cross them. He’s more loyal to them than to his own mother, though he still keeps in contact with her too. His fellow Kings are like brothers to him, and he’d sooner die than betray them.

Still, there are a couple things he keeps a secret from them. First of all - his sexuality. He hasn’t been interested in girls - not really - since he was about fourteen, though he’s certainly slept with them since, mostly when drunk or desperate. So far he hasn’t been caught by anyone with another guy - yet. Second on the list - and he can’t decide which he’s more afraid of getting found out about - is that for the past few months, he’s been making extra caps by becoming one of Freeside’s many prostitutes. It’s not doing it he has a problem with - just the idea of being found out by anyone in the Kings. 

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