"Hon, I would kill to wear that headdress or your wig, if it meant I didn't have to wear this skirt'."

Archibald Whitmore
Nickname Archie
Karma Renegade of the Wastes
Age 45
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Class Wastelander
Profession Cashier
Affiliation The Sphinx
Face Claim Eddie Izzard
Player Squeeji/MNV

History Edit

Background Edit

One thing to know about Archibald Whitmore, is that he likes to talk about himself, the other thing to know about him, is that he ever tells the same story about himself twice. He likes to mix it up a bit, keep it interesting. Of course, that's probably because the truth about his upbringing was just far too modest for his tastes, Archie grew up in Nipton, where he worked as hotel staff handing out keys and roughing out the unwelcome guests- boring work, until sleeping with the boss's daughter got him in a heap of trouble...which was just the push he needed to get the hell of town.

He did a few odd jobs over the years, courier mostly...until a less than happy client decided to cap him in his knee, which sort of got him to settle down, he worked the Gomorrah for some time, nothing too shady, just a cashier, where he developed a reputation for getting the caps for the any means necessary. Well mostly any means, mostly just beating and browbeating them into submission, which was a means technically. 

Of course, being loyal to a place like the Gomorrah was hard, to say it wasn't a whorehouse and a shit hole was just something that he couldn't say- so Archie was a proud scab when The Sphinx put up their 'Now Hiring' sign, and while being a Cashier isn't exactly the most exciting line of work, he's more or less ready for the easy cushy life of socializing with the beautiful people of one of the nicer casinos in New Vegas. 

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Personality Edit

A coy man with easy sense of humor, quick with a joke or to light up your smoke, Archie is all fun and games until you give him a hard time, then he's a queen bitch from hell- he doesn't take too kindly to those trying to play on his better nature, because while he might have one, he's heard every sob story The Strip has to offer. He simply does not have the time, and will tell you so with a repertoire of snips that would be humorous to outside observers. But what Archie lacks in empathy, he makes up for by being that guy who seems to know everything, and talks about it twice as much as he should, he's a shameless gossip, and while he likes friends, he can't stop his glib tongue- so its best to watch your words, because its not like you're going to get an apology out of the guy. 

Appearance Edit

Walks with assistance of a cane after catching a bullet with his knee, the leg no longer bends, and it makes him rather slow. 

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Quotes Edit

  • "The devil take your smile!"
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