"You better watch yourself, Mother Ocean can turn on you in an instant if you disrespect her..." 

Horace Quentin
Nickname "Hoary Horace"
Karma Guardian of the Wastes
Age 63
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Grey, Peppered with White
Profession Leader of the Mariners
Affiliation Ancient Mariners
Face Claim Spencer Tracy
Player darkkenchild

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Horace was born to the sea. His father was a strong and successful sailor, often disappearing onto the waves for weeks at a time, only to return with essential supplies and a healthy amount of freshly caught fish. His mother was a sturdy woman who refused to let any obstacle slow her down and she was an essential part of his father’s endeavors, repairing sails and curing the catch for use as rations on the ocean.

Nearly as soon as he could walk, Horace would accompany his father on short excursions onto the sea; learning the proper way to hoist a sail and catch the fish that was their livelihood. When his father departed on longer trips, Horace would stay home with his mother and learn the essential procedures and practices that made such long trips possible.

When Horace was in his late teens, a terrible storm swept the seas when his father was out on the waves and never returned. Horace, already the master of his own hand-carved boat, set out to re-establish his family’s connection with the loose confederation of sailors in his father’s absence. What he found was a disorganized and rebellious collection of stubborn old men. His childhood of essential structure and survival drove him to try to organize these scattered Mariners.

He was partially successful at first, striking deals of mutual benefit from every sailor he met, but true structure eluded him. Content for the moment, he began to expand the newly acknowledged Ancient Mariners and strike fruitful business deals with the land-bound settlements along the coastlines of the Atlantic.

When he came to Ocean City, he saw opportunity along those docks. Scattered travelers had maintained the societies that had formed in the pre-War boomtown, but such travelers were unfortunately scattered and far between for the community to truly thrive. Horace was a man with the means and the motive to solve that issue and he approached the ruling families with a deal that he knew they could not refuse. In exchange for essential trade and securing ferry lanes, Horace acquired a new base of operations for his Mariners and a position of unexpected political prominence.

Since the deal was struck, Horace has begun to use his increasing influence to grow and further organize the Mariners into a true force to be reckoned with. He has little direct influence in the streets of Ocean City, but that does not concern him, as him and his men have acquired almost unchallenged dominion over the seas.

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