"Built within the remains of an abandoned first aid station along the Boardwalk, the Life Saving Station is the local home of a splinter group of the Followers Of The Apocalypse in the Capital Wasteland."'

Life Saving Station
Location Capital Wasteland
Factions The Surgeons
Associated Leaders Dr. Feelgood

History Edit

Background Edit

Before the War, the Life Saving Station was a simple first aid station catering to the tourists of the Boardwalk. It was never intended for large scale or intensive care, but rather as a place to tend the small wounds and food poisoning that plagued the tourists of Ocean City. It was an inglorious, but essential part of the Boardwalk.

After the bombs fell and brought Ocean City to its knees, the Life Saving station sat largely abandoned. Though it was sometimes used as a temporary squatting place for down-on-their-luck residents and as a short term base for an upstart gang, the station was largely ignored by everyone. Its structure was sound, but its surroundings continued to degrade from lack of attention.

A scant few decades ago, the Follower of the Apocalypse arrived in the Capital Wasteland after following a small detachment of the Brotherhood of Steel as it journeyed west. The small handful of Followers did not stay around the Capital in any large numbers, instead continuing east and into Ocean City. When they arrived, they quickly settled into the Life Saving Station due to its meager, but serviceable, facilities and equipment.

Present Day Edit

Since the Followers arrived in Ocean City, the Life Saving Station has been repaired and fortified sufficiently to both serve the people of Ocean City and be safe from the neighboring gangs. Due to its important services, the Station is largely considered neutral, but upstart and overly bold gangs sometimes threaten the Station, which has lead to a small group of Followers forming a gang of their own to protect the Station and taking the name The Surgeons to earn the respect of the locals.

Affiliated Groups Edit

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