"Hey sweetheart, why don't you put the gun down before I cut off your hands?"'

Owen Marshall
Nickname Octavius, Octs
Karma Scourge of the Wastes
Age 31
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Class Legionaire
Profession Legion Decanus
Affiliation Caesar's Legion
Face Claim Kevin McKidd
Player Three Dog/Angie

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Owen was kidnapped and sold into the slave trade at age five when the settlement he and his parents lived in was ransacked by slavers. He grew up working hard for little in return, and when the slave group he worked with was attacked by and ultimately integrated into the Legion, he was already used to the life.

The Legion offered food, shelter, and a promise of glory for all who obeyed, and at the time Owen had few other options and no better offers. Years of propoganda and isistence that the only way was Caeser's way have left him a stalwart soldier of the Legion's ranks, and his physical prowess and skill with a blade helped earn him the position of Decanus in Caesar's army. 

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It's hard to put a finger on your personality when you've never been yourself. But that's the Legion's way; grab 'em when they're young and drill it into their heads that the only reason they exist is to serve the greater good, and in this case, that greater good is Caeser.

So it's not entirely Owen's fault that he runs around the Wasteland in Roman Centurion armor calling himself Octavius and trying to talk people into joinging the Legion. Or, more often than not, dragging them into the fold kicking and screaming. It's no big secret the Legion are slavers, and Owen doesn't have the presence of mind to think there's anything wrong with that. In fact, as a Legion Decanus it's his job to lead a small team around and gather up troops for the almighty Caeser, one way or another.

Octavius is fanatically loyal to his leader, as are most of the calvary under Caesar's command. Taken as a young child, Owen was raised among the Legion, taught from day one to follow orders and not ask questions. Caeser's word is law, and Octavius follows it to a T. Bull headed and impatient, he's prone to act before he thinks, often striking out physically when "negotiations" with potential troops goes south. Still, he's a dog on a short leash, and any higher up who tells him to jump, well he's gonna ask them how high.

Being stubborn doesn't mean Octavius is stupid, however. He's been survivng in the Wasteland alongside his brethren for over twenty years, and knows how to keep himself and his comrades alive. The Legion always comes first, however, and if told to take a bullet for the benefit of the team, Octavius is willing to step up to the plate. It's an almost sad existence, but one he, for better or worse, chooses to live.

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  • Carl Marshall (father: deceased)
  • Linda Marshall (mother: deceased)

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  • "--"
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