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"A testament to pre-War life, Old Town is a safe haven for the affluent and influential individuals of Ocean City. A sort of time capsule, the neighborhood is kept in a near copy of the suburban landscapes of the pre-War world."'

Old Town
Location Capital Wasteland
Factions The Seven Thrones, The Watchtowers
Associated Leaders August Fenwick, Lydia Coffin



Before the War, Old Town was nothing remarkable. The neighborhood was nearly identical to countless suburban communities in both Ocean City and the United States as a whole.

After the War, however, Old Town became nearly unique on the East Coast. Largely untouched by the destruction of the bombs and surrounded by destroyed neighborhoods of Ocean City, Old Town was quickly seized by the Fenwicks and Coffins as a safe haven for themselves and their associates. Walls were constructed and gates erected to keep out the chaos of the Boardwalk, Old Town became a near fortress.

The strict adherence to pre-War ideals, the culture of Old Town has become almost eerie. Each house is granted to only one family and any who break from pre-War traditions are swiftly ostracized by others of the community. Lawns must be carefully maintained and appearances are tantamount. If any home reaches any degree of disrepair, the residents can expect a visit from the "Homeowners Association" and censure techniques are utilized to stubborn or slow to act families.

This staunchly conservative mindset has lead to a strange and underground culture that is largely unknown to those outside its walls. The presence and practices of The Seven Thrones and The Watchtowers and a quietly rebellious streak amongst Old Town's residents has led to conspiracies and factions that meet secretly in the basements of Old Town.

Present Day[]

Old Town has become Ocean City's new crown jewel. The community is surrounded by an air of mystery and extravagance by the "common" residents of Ocean City and gaining entrance is a secret dream of those who are excluded. As such, Old Town has become a powerful bargaining chip for the Fenwicks and Coffins, being used to persuade and influence those who seek inclusion. Even once they have been granted a home in Old Town, the power brokering is far from over; as one's politic decline can endanger the home they have achieved.

Affiliated Groups[]