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"And hey! We can let loose the hounds of war." 

Karma Renegade of the Wastes
Age 33
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Class Raider
Profession Opportunist
Face Claim Steve Buscemi
Player Midas



Rusty was the son of a family who was exiled from their vault for...He doesn’t remember why his parents left the vault. It was somewhere to the north. They thought that they could find fortune and stability down south in the Capital after trying to survive in whatever wasteland they came from. One wasteland is like another, though, and they were deeply disappointed. Rusty’s father found work as a tinkerer in some little town, using his skills as a Vault engineer, and taught little Rusty what he knew. Eventually, his town was wiped out by raiders, and Rusty started following them, sneaking into their camps and stealing things.

Eventually, the leader of the Raiders caught Rusty, but Rusty talked his way into a deal that got him food and protection: He would fix their stuff in exchange for food. The raiders became Rusty’s new family. Eventually, the raiders were wiped out by some mercenaries. Instead of being upset, Rusty shrugged his shoulders and kept walking until he found a new bunch of raiders, jumping from group to group as they would get themselves killed or the caps dried up. It was only Rusty’s fault once or twice his gangs died off. Sometimes there’s good caps in treason. Right now Rusty is in between gangs, and has taken to scavenging the Metro. He doesn’t much care for the surface. The sun makes his skin itch.

Continuing Adventures[]





Rusty is an ugly little bastard. He makes up for his unappealing appearance with a fast mouth; he's just ugly enough for people to pause and go "Man this guy is ugly" for him to think fast and chatter on about what the person might want from him. He's a salesman at heart, which is three sizes too small. He knows how to act compassionate, but he doesn't really care. He cares about making some money and getting his dick wet, that's about it. 




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