"I got the stuff here. You got the caps?"'

Karma Renegade of the Wastes
Age 30
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Class Raider
Profession Chem Dealer
Affiliation Great Khans
Face Claim Kat Von D
Player Gothy

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Background Edit

Born and raised with the Khans, Tatiana was taught what was expected for her to learn and at the age of fifteen took her beat down and took Tatiana or Tat as her new name. If you ask her now what her name was, she can't remember. While she wasn't at Bitter Springs, she lost family who were there and under fire from the NCR and while she wept, the woman helped move the tribe to the Red Canyon and occasionally makes trips out to get whatever the tribe needs done.

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Personality Edit

Tatiana or Tat is relatively happy go lucky, and can be annoyingly positive at even the worst moments. She dislikes the NCR and Legion, not trusting either tribe in the slightest. For the most part, she's content to live and let live. Especially if alcohol is involved. She doesn't really use chems though, except if they're to sell and since it's one of the ways the Khans are able to earn caps now. Tat chooses to avoid them. 

That being said, Tat can be quite ferocious when riled up and has bitten out a man's tongue during a fight when he called the Great Khans pussies. Say whatever you like about her, but don't you fucking dare talk badly about the Khans. For the most part, she is relatively friendly to outsiders along the road and only tolerates the fiends because of their connection. Otherwise, she would happily kill them. She isn't a leader among her tribe, instead preferring to follow orders and to help do whatever is necessary. Her family have been in the Khans for a long time. 

Bitter Springs has left her bitter. She lost most of her blood relatives there when the NCR fired on their women and children. It didn't make a lot of sense. 

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