"The Coffin family has always been influential in Ocean City, and Coffin's Bazaar has become the center of the Coffin family's power in the restored Ocean City."'

Coffin's Bazaar
Location Capital Wasteland
Factions The Watchtowers
Associated Leaders Lydia Coffin

History Edit

Background Edit

Coffin's Bazaar was a successful business in Ocean City at the turn of the 20th Century and did much to cement the commercial power of the Coffin family. Catering to tourists and locals alike, the Bazaar was one of the best places to find both souvenirs and basic supplies alike. The Bazaar itself did not survive into the middle of the century and was largely forgotten by the time of the War; as the Coffin family sought to modernize and expand into other areas of interest, the Bazaar languished and eventually folded in favor of more modern enterprises.

However, after the War shattered Ocean City's infrastructure and left the Coffins in an uncertain place, the family sought to rebuild and it chose to do so by returning to its roots. The Coffins established the Bazaar upon the grounds where it once stood and sought to cater to the desperate denizens of Ocean City. Initially, due to weak supply lines and limited resources, prices were prohibitive to most of those living in the city, but it was enough for the Coffins to reestablish themselves as influential, though their position remained precarious.

However, after a deal was struck with the Ancient Mariners and supplies began to flow into the city again, the Bazaar reached new heights. Prices dropped into a range that the common public could afford and the Coffins once again found their prospects on the rise. The Bazaar now stands as central to the family's power and the influence of their associated faction, The Watchtowers.

Present Day Edit

The Bazaar is the center of trade within Ocean City; if you need it and have the caps to purchase it, the Bazaar is where you can find it. The Watchtowers guard the Bazaar relentlessly, never allowing any others to threaten the lifeblood of the gang and its sponsor family. This leads to the Bazaar being both secure and affordable for locals and visitors alike to shop.

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