"The ruins of an old Rollerdome, the Rolladium has become the home of the Ocean City Rollers in recent years and is fiercely protected by the gang that calls it home."'

The Rolladium
Location Capital Wasteland
Factions Ocean City Rollers
Associated Leaders Tomboy Judas

History Edit

Background Edit

Before the War, The Rolladium was built to capitalize on the increasing popularity of roller skating and roller derby in pre-War culture. As a common distraction, the rink was immediately successful. Roller Derby proved to be a particularly strong draw for Ocean City and the city frequently held exposition matches to draw crowds.

After the war, the Rolladium sat largely abandoned until Tomboy Judas decided to make a stand against the rampant misogyny of most of Ocean City's gangs. She knew that her gang would need a place to call their own and saw the perfect opportunity in the empty Rolladium. Surprisingly intact beyond some slight flood damage, the Rolladium was quickly back up and running, even if it now serves a much more exclusive clientele.

Present Day Edit

The Rolladium is home to the Ocean City Rollers and is a largely inhospitable place for most of the Boardwalk's residents. Increasingly, however, the Rolladium has taken on a secondary role along the Boardwalk. Tomboy Judas had never intended it as such, but her inherent empathy for the plight of women in the post-war world has lead to the Rolladium acquiring a secondary role as a safe haven for the women of the city. Any woman seeking respite from the troubles that dominate the Boardwalk can find temporary relief in the confines of the rink, and those seeking a more proactive role are often offered a position in the Rollers.

Affiliated Groups Edit

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