"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." - Voltaire

The Surgeons
Leader Dr. Feelgood
Location Ocean City
Base Life-Saving Station

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The Surgeons are not a gang in the traditional sense, rather they are the response to the gangs of The Boardwalk. The Followers Of The Apocalypse came to the Capital Wasteland by following and sometimes allying with the Brotherhood of Steel in the march eastward. When the Brotherhood chose to settle in the ruins of Washington D.C., the Followers chose to continue their journey and finally settled in the much more stable Ocean City; after being granted a base in the ruins of the old Life-Saving Station along the Boardwalk, the Followers began to settle in and recruit likeminded young men and women in their quest to improve life for the wastelanders of the area.

Unfortunately, the Boardwalk is not known as a hospitable place. The local gangs are not foolish enough to drive out medics and would-be humanitarians, but many of the more ambitious gang leaders saw an opportunity to acquire their own exclusive medical aid by taking the station as their own. The Followers did what they could and refused the “protection” of any one gang, inadvertently placing themselves in the precarious position of being effectively unprotected from the unrest in the streets.

After a particularly destructive raid by some gang-members trying to prove a point, a few of the more headstrong young recruits decided enough was enough. When the Station began winding down and closing shop the next night, these bold individuals chose to forego sleep. Instead, they donned masks and took to the streets under the cover of darkness. They patrolled the area around the Station and drove off any gangbanger lacking the wisdom to respect the Followers’ neutrality. Thus, the Surgeons were born.

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The Surgeons do not seek territory nor do they have any grander goal beyond protecting their homes from raids by other gangs. During the day, no gang willingly causes trouble in the neutral Station, and as night falls each day the Surgeons seek to ensure it remains that way at all times. The gang’s de facto leader, the self-titled “Dr. Feelgood,” fights a nightly battle with his own troops as well as the Station’s unruly neighbors; some of the Surgeons have proven to be too swift in returning to their gang upbringings and they wish to “encourage” others from encroaching on the Station by claiming territory around the Station for their own. Dr. Feelgood realizes that this would be an exercise in futility and would ultimately increase tensions instead of alleviating it. For now, he has been able to keep them under control, but it is a challenge that is deeply in need of a permanent solution…

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