"Do what thou wilt." - Alistair Crowley

The Watchtowers
Leader Lydia Coffin
Location The Boardwalk
Base The Coffin's Bazaar

Information[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Coffins are one of the oldest families in Ocean City, having been instrumental in the founding and development of the community nearly from its inception. The family has maintained an often bitter, but always beneficial, rivalry with the Fenwicks; both families wishing to see the city prosper and their individual power increase. Before the war, the Coffins thrived and spread their influence throughout the city.

After the bombs fell, however, the world was a very different place. Ocean City was in ruins and the Coffins were left with little more than their name. The rebuilding process was slow and the family found that they could no longer achieve their goals alone. Fortunately, there was no shortage of survivors who sought survival and power in the city’s new paradigm, thus the Watchtowers were created. The family had long participated in Hellfire clubs and similar occult practices to stay the boredom of living at the top of the social ladder, and this general motif of elitism and occultism became the foundation of the organization; rites and obsession with lineage encourage solidarity and loyalty amongst the rank-and-file of the group.

Though the family’s current matriarch. Lydia Coffin, might play her political games by means of keeping resources in tight supply and demand, it's the Watchtowers that do the dirty work upon the boardwalk.  The Watchtowers patrol the streets and enact the necessary everyday tasks of maintaining the Coffin family’s power base.

Strong occultists often dressed in dark robes or sharp scholarly outfits, they work dark magics within the solid walls of The Coffin’s Bazaar.  Though typically standoffish they believe fate will fight most of their battles. They only come out to fight when they have to, and if it's bad enough that they must take field, then there is nothing but poor tidings for those who have roused their tempers.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Recently, the Watchtowers have been stepping up their presence in the streets of Ocean City. While they remain relatively isolated and do not involve themselves directly in the conflicts in community, they have been making an effort to be more visible. The exact goals and plans of the gang remain shrouded in mystery, but there is definitely something stirring in the basements and meeting halls of the organization. No matter what they have planned, it is unlikely to bode well for the Coffin’s enemies and rivals within the city…

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

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