Located on The Boardwalk, Trimper's Haunted House may be opened to the public, but locals in the know suggest said public steer clear.

Trimper's Haunted House
Location Capital Wasteland
Factions The Black Cats
Associated Leaders Six Deep

History Edit

Background Edit

Trimper's Haunted House is just that, a haunted house. Built before the War, the attraction has fallen into ill repair in recent years but is still standing and fully functional; there are no employees conjuring up scares, but plenty of old school Halloween decorations and day-glo paint line the halls. The structure itself consists of a main lobby area, several long and winding hallways, and a handful of rooms originally set up to house different attractions.

The lobby area is decked with antique chandeliers, a number of scary portraits, and two animatronic barkers. The first of these is Count Wolf Von Vinderstine; a headless specter who gives a three minute looped spiel about what visitors will see inside the attraction. The second barker is a gargoyle. Hung right above the doors through which the guests enter the attraction's interior, the air-powered stunt gives a short dialog in which he dares the visitors to enter. The rooms have been claimed and converted into living quarters for the house's current inhabitants: The Black Cats.

Anyone is free to enter the house, but stories about The Black Cats' less than hospitable ways and tendency to greet and eat versus greet and meet have left the attraction far less popular these days.

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